• Situated between the Philippines and Japan, tropical Taiwan is almost smack on the same latitude as Hawaii. The nickname ‘Tawaii’ is often used!
  • The south and east coasts retain a laid back, countryside atmosphere of old. Rice paddies, fish farms, temples and small towns dot the landscapes. Majestic peaks, rolling hills and plains, basins and inlets, tropical beaches and green forests are hallmarks of Taiwan.
  • Bays, beaches, reefs, rivermouths, points – a variety of surf and flatwater options can be found.
  • There is a surfing scene here but the SUP scene is very much in its infancy. In the entire country there are less than a dozen SUPers. It’s not hard to find an empty SUP spot!
  • Waves year-round.

South Coast

Much of Taiwan’s southern peninsula – a crescent-shaped coastline of white sandy beaches, coral gardens and lush topical uplands – falls within the boundaries of a protected national park. Dense forests cover hills and valleys. Monkeys, water buffaloes and dozens of species of butterflies call this area home.

Other than surfing there are many options to keep all amused – night-markets, temples, the National Museum of Marine Biology & Aquarium (housing a whale shark, beluga whales, penguins and host of aquatic ife), go-karts, diving, snorkeling, and hanging out on a tropical beach. Basically the south of the country is a world away from the frantic pace of Taipei in the north.

East Coast

Locked between Taiwan’s central mountain range and the Pacific ocean, the island’s rugged and largely unspoiled east coast presents the island’s most beautiful river and coastal scenery. Steep, towering cliffs drop into the sea and rivers cut deep and spectacular chasms into the mountains. A stones throw inland you can find rustic hamlets on rolling hills, tea plantations, hot springs and sweeping valley views down to the rice paddies.

South Coast

  • Best SUPing: May through to October
  • Water Temp: 24 – 28C / 75 – 82F
 Climate: 25 – 32C / 77 – 89F

As the south of the island is a peninsular, surf can be found on either side. Plus if it’s onshore on one side, it’s offshore on the other. Surfbreaks are either cobblestone rivermouths, sandy beach breaks as well as the odd rock/reef break. Situated between Japan and the Philippines the surf in Taiwan is far less crowded than the former and more consistent and in a much safer environment than the latter.
The waves on the south coast are many and varied and there are spots suitable for all levels of SUPers – from beginners to pro’s and families.
Summertime brings typhoons, and with it plenty of waves. But even without the bonus of typhoon swell the surf is consistent – just check the vast unobstructed fetch of the Pacific Ocean to Taiwan’s East.
If a typhoon does get too close authorities will call a land and sea warning, restricting boat and water activities. Even when a warning is called our guides know some out-of-the-way spots where you’re still likely to get wet – plus a weather pattern from a typhoon rarely affects the country for more than 48 hours as they tend to move quickly.

For flat water there are reefs, sheltered headlands and some great opportunities for snorkeling (gear provided) and fishing from your SUP.

East Coast

  • Best SUPing: All year
  • Water Temp: 22 – 28C / 72 – 82F
 Climate: 24 – 32C / 75 – 89F

The sparsely populated East Coast of Taiwan offers a host of rivermouths, beachbreaks and pointbreaks. Sitting within a wide swell window the coast receives an abundance of groundswell. In addition this, there is enough fetch from storms in the North Pacific for plenty of good windswell that’s groomed and delivered in clean, stacked lines.
The waves on Taiwan’s East Coast are suitable for all levels of SUPers – from beginners to pro’s and families.

There are miles of coastline to explore by SUP with palm-covered mountains always within view, as well as a couple of small scenic rivers.

– Prices include; Accommodation, airport transfers to and from Kaohsiung (airport code KHH), transport + bilingual guide, all SUP,  sightseeing and cultural tours.

Please note that we also offer a combined ‘two-coast tour’ in one trip for an additional total of US$150 per person*

South Coast

2 People Room

  • Prices for two people min.
  • Facing Ocean, 150 meters from the beach
  • 1 double bed – Private bathroom
  • Free wifi – Cable TV – AC – Fridge – Rollaway Available

7 days/6 nights
US$999 – per person

10 days/9 nights
US$1499 – per person

2/4 People Room

  • Prices for two people min.
  • Back Room, 150 meters from the beach
  • 2 double beds – Private bathroom.
  • Free wifi – Cable TV – AC – Fridge

7 days/6 nights
2 People – US$949 per person
4 People – US$470 per person

10 days/9 nights
2 People – US$1399 per person
4 People – US$699 per person

East Coast

2 People Room

  • 1 double bed – Private bathroom
  • Free wifi – Cable TV – AC – Fridge
  • Free pushbikes for use

    Nov – April                            May – October
7 days/6 nights:    US$999 per person               US$1149 per person
10 days/9 nights:  US$1444 per person            US$1599 per person

Family Room

  • 2 double beds – Private bathroom
  • Free wifi – Cable TV – AC – Fridge
  • Free pushbikes for use

      Nov – April                         May – October
7 days/6 nights:     US$1165 per person          US$1299 per person
10 days/9 nights:  US$1650 per person          US$1799 per person

Group Room

  • 6 single beds – Private bathroom
  • Free wifi – Cable TV – AC – Fridge
  • Free pushbikes for use

7 days/6 nights:     Nov – April                         May – October
6 people –                     US$510 per person             US$550 per person
5 people –                     US$610 per person             US$660 per person
4 people –                     US$765 per person             US$815 per person
3 people (min) –         US$1015 per person           US$1065 per person

10 days/9 nights:   Nov – April                         May – October
6 people –                      US$670 per person            US$740 per person
5 people –                      US$830 per person            US$890 per person
4 people –                      US$1030per person           US$1100 per person
3 people (min) –          US$1380 per person          US$1450 per person

Coming To Taiwan
Destination airport in Taiwan is Kaohsiung – airport code KHH
Several flights a week from the US, Australia and Europe to Taipei (Taiwan’s capital) with connections to Kaohsiung.
Alternately you can fly to Kaohsiung, only 90 minutes, via the vibrant city of Hong Kong.

Electrical Outlets
Voltage: 110-120 Volts – Same as U.S./Canada.
Primary Socket Types: North American Non-Grounded , North American Grounded.
Please note that these may not be identical to U.S./Canadian sockets, and may require an adapter.